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Antiquities, Artifacts and Wonders

.Diorama and Tick Tock Mask

This diorama was meant to illustrate the Automata's original existence as slaves to the biological races on their world. Until the discovery of this artifact, we believed that the Automata shared their world with a more or less human race. No trace of the amphibianoids shown in this tableau has yet been found.

Tick Tock Mask
We believe the Tick Tock Man attempted to escape his final destruction by disguising himself as a human and transgressing to our world. This melted and disfigured remnant may have been an early attempt to accomplish that end.


.The Shoes and The Claw

Tinkling Shoes
If you wear "The Tinkling Shoes", everyone you've ever met will know exactly where you are.

The Claw
It is said that those who have been touched by the "Claw of the Conciliator" never, ever speak of it. And that, within a year, they die from unutterable shame.



 I am not yet prepared to go into the provenance of many of the items in my collection. Suffice it to say they are rare. They are unique. They are exquisite in a way that may transcend our narrow aesthetic. I do not purport to know exactly what purpose they may have served in the place where they originated. I can only make sorely inadequate but nonetheless educated guesses. Again, I ask any of you that may have some knowledge or experience bearing on these artifacts to contact me at once. It will be to your benefit and mine.