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.about Franc Fontaine-Bleu

I am Belgian by birth but consider myself a citizen of the "worlds". This is not a typographical error, as you will come to understand.  I am self-made and self-taught.  I come from a remarkable family, an offshoot of the Merovingians, about which I will say no more. I have studied at the finest universities but graduated from none. Eschewing narrow orthodox teachings for mentors of a more particular (some may say peculiar) stripe, I searched for and found a different kind of knowledge.

My interests grew from an horological apprenticeship to the physics of time and light, optics and theoretical cosmology; thence to certain alchemical mysteries and temporal anomalies I observed first-hand and, finally, to a breakthrough so startling that I can say no more of it now. Throughout, I have always held a fascination (some may say an obsession) with unusual antiquities and this has served me well as a source of income for my continuing research and exploration.

For the last several years I have been travelling the world, sharing my experiences and discoveries with those, like you, who seek (and sense) something beyond the boumdaries placed upon us by conventional wisdom.


.Fontaine-Bleu Antiquities & Acquisitions

Located in the charming Sablon District of Brussels, Fontaine-Bleu Antiquities and Acquisitions serves as my home base and centre of operations. Besides an elegant showroom featuring some of my most exquisite rarities, it also contains a fully equipped laboratory, power generation equipment and a modest supercomputer.  It sits above one of Brussels' finest restaurants and, when I am home, I conduct much of my business from a table I have reserved there.