The Albums


  Crossing (FAWM 2023)  

  Holiday (FAWM 2022)  

  Strange Tales of True Crime (FAWM 2021)  

  AfterLife (FAWM 2020)  

  List of Sevens (FAWM 2019)  

  Denvil Head (FAWM 2018)  

  The Last Big Top (FAWM 2017)  

  Jawbone Division (FAWM 2016)  

  T H R E A D S (FAWM 2015)  

  Method of Loci (FAWM 2014)  

  Viper (FAWM 2013)  

  The Musicologist (FAWM 2012)  

  Absalom Road (FAWM 2011)  


The Background


L to R: W Fuller, G Sears, J Hastings, S Kimball (2015)

Once upon a time, say January of 2011 or thereabouts, four gentlemen with some practice in assembling a word and a tune here and there determined they would join together as Willie de Sacra to participate in February Album Writers Month, the challenge being to write fourteen songs in the four weeks of February. Now, three of these tunesmiths had done this previously with some impressive results thus causing the fourth to latch onto the enterprise like a barnacle to the keel of a China clipper and so joining up commencing in 2011. Needless to say, it all went better than expected. The team produces tunes to delight the ear and mystify the mind and earns accolades as FAWM Winners along with many others who meet the challenge and so on and so forth. Needless to say, here are the results of these efforts so that you may judge the extent of their success or the depth of their failure, please keeping in mind that these are mad experiments, rough mixes and last-minute demos and very much works in progress.
Our Sincere Thanks,
      The Management

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Willie de Sacra


In alphabetical order:

  • William Fuller
  • Jack Hastings
  • Spencer Kimball
  • Gary Sears