Hell Toupee

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an ensemble of musicians, performers and artists dedicated to the search for original, challenging, and distinctly personal modes of expression through music.

Propelled by a fever dream on a bad bird hair day, HELL TOUPEE performs idiosyncratic music for people who want something a little different. Its members are from disparate artistic backgrounds, but have united in common cause to stir up, seek out and goad along a little toe tapping, synapse snapping glee.

Guitarist BILL PETERSEN brings to music some of the twisted surrealist punch he has created on his canvasses as a painter. Bassist JACK HASTINGS emerges from the cybernautic underground to provide slo mo low end. Keyboardist/vocalist WILLIAM FULLER performs with the absurdist zeal of a meth-binged Music Cirkus veteran. Vocalist RENEE GROMACKI has graced the stage in numerous theatrical productions and sung with the CARON VIKRE Group. Drummer RICK DaPRATO has played for countless assemblages and ensembles, and has the ability to blend jazz and swing stylings into a Hell Toupee percussionist’s brew (he is currently interested in studying the percussive habits of insects and performing with the BATHTUB GINS).

Mike McKee, Bass Guitar
Fala Tracy, Harp

HELL TOUPEE's first CD (recorded with former members, McKee and Tracy), SELECTIONS FROM THE SECRET MUSEUM, received radio airplay on KDVS in Davis, KCSB in Santa Barbara, and KSPC in Claremont, Ca, to name a few.

HELL TOUPEE performances are known for inventiveness, a total lack of concern for current trends, and powerful outbursts of energy.


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bill petersen

william fuller

rick daprato

renee gromacki

jack hastings

james stewart

kathleen weiss

patrick minor