on hiatus

The Pink Toupee Collective is currently touring alternate dimensions and virtual memespace.


The Pink Toupee Collective is an assortment of some of Sacramento's foremost creative talents. Drawing from music, theatre, spoken and written word, visual arts, dance, movement, performance art, popular, classical and international culture; they are continually surprising audiences with performances that defy categorization and dissolve traditional boundaries.

With their unique blend of inspired madness, rebellious spirit and  unrestrained brilliance, they have journeyed to Hell, gone down over the Pacific with Ameilia Earhart, run away with a carnival of lost souls, and ventured far beyond the ha ha into a grazing land of ghouls.

Unlikely as they may seem, a roiling maelstrom of homegrown creativity is perched on the precipice of operatic grandeur and unbridled yearning; striving to fuse their varied passions into something altogether new.

Take a bakers dozen of artists, performers, writers and musicians; shake well with a heavy dollop of the absurd, and... Voila! Ladies and Gentlemen, hide the kids and pass the ammunition, it's the Pink Toupee Collective!

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