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dRAW PiNKY has been a tangential yet profound presence in the Sacramento music/arts/theatre scene for over ten years. They specialize in the original and unexpected. A taste of cabaret, a dash of performance art, a soupçon of theatre - their unique collaboration is much celebrated by those fortunate enough to chance upon the experience.

draw pinky's eight members are circumspect, both about their respective pasts and their present circumstances, however this much is known -- Individually and collectively they have been performing original music in an original fashion for a surprising number of years. They have appeared on stages in Los Angeles, San Francisco and elsewhere before finally coming together in the pastoral metropolis of Sacramento. They are a diverse lot with roots in performance and visual art, theater, and prose and poetry as well as music. They defy easy description or simple categorization. They enjoy keeping both their audiences and their critics off balance by employing a multitude of sounds and styles to complement their complex moods and quirky purposes. From mainstream to metal, from Broadway to Nepal, from the ambiguous to the absurd, anything at all may become material for a draw pinky experience.

In addition to their cassette release, Idiot Glee, their first CD, WEE, and their latest CD, Flying in the face of Reason, draw pinky continues to explore new methods, modes, and media for showcasing their considerable talents. They are the first Sacramento group to present a gallery exhibition of artwork based on their songs -- Salon de Pinky. They are the first Sacramento group to combine performance and poetry reading with renowned poet and co-lyricist Viola Weinberg -- Viola's Pinky. They are the first Sacramento group to bring conceptual performance to dinner theater -- Dirty Little Secrets at Garbeau's Too; which eventually led to their full-scale theatrical productions, I Just Wanna Wear My Head, Krasnyj Piñata, Peep Show 2, the highly acclaimed Bacon Bits, and their hit cabaret revue, Bleeding Hearts.

Although they still enjoy performing at benefits and have appeared at events as diverse as the Heritage Festival, the Fringe Festival and the Erotic Arts Ball, they continue to focus primarily on refining their entirely unique brand of musical theater. Recently, they have joined with Hell Toupee to form The Pink Toupee Collective in order to present more ambitious theatrical presentations such as dRAW PiNKY Goes To Hell Toupee, Wasp In The Cockpit, Miss Fortune and the Carnival of Fools, and The Cobra and the Hare.